• Port Salerno Neighborhood Advisory Committee
  • Created Pursuant to Code s. 39.4.A
  • BCC Created Advisory Boards & Committees
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Contact Information

TypeNamePhone Number
CRA Manager:Susan KoresWork: (772) 463-3253

Board Members

AppointedTerm Ends
Edward Olsen Jr.Business Owner09/10/201309/11/2021
Catherine WintersResident09/10/201309/11/2021
Chandler JosieResident09/12/201609/10/2020
Ellen AsselinResident01/29/201901/28/2023
Karen WordenResident & Business Owner01/29/201901/28/2023
Cathy HarveyResident & Property Owner02/21/201702/20/2021
Helen Fisher-QuintanaResident & Property Owner02/21/201702/20/2021
Marygrace HaluskaResident & Property Owner09/11/201609/10/2020
Jim PeckSenior Manager of a Business02/21/201702/20/2021
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