• Affordable Housing Advisory Committee
  • Created Pursuant to Code s. 21.256
  • BCC Created Advisory Boards & Committees
  • Meetings shall be held quarterly or more frequently as necessary.

Contact Information

TypeNamePhone Number
Staff Liaison:Dawn CobbWork: (772) 288-5456

Board Members

AppointedTerm Ends
Stephen WalkerCitizen actively engaged as a for-profit provider of affordable housing11/18/201811/17/2020
Marcy PitkinCitizen actively engaged as a not-for-profit provider of affordable housing01/09/201801/08/2020
Christopher LundstromCitizen actively engaged as a real estate professional in connection w/affordable housing03/29/201605/21/2020
Chester EdwardsCitizen actively engaged in residential homebuilding industry in connection w/affordable housing10/14/200810/13/2019
Michael ReadlingCitizen representative of areas of labor actively engaged in homebuilding in connection w/afford hsg07/16/201310/13/2019
Jeremy WoodCitizen who represents employers within Martin County11/18/201811/17/2020
Teena WhiteCitizen who represents essential service personnel04/23/201310/24/2020
Craig Bauzenberger Sr.Citizen who resides within Martin County05/22/201805/21/2020
Jennifer DavisCitizen who resides within Martin County05/22/201805/21/2020
Jesse NasiancenoCitizen who resides within Martin County01/09/201801/08/2020
James MoirLocal Planning Agency Member12/18/201811/17/2020
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