• Emergency Medical Services Advisory Council
  • Created Pursuant to Code s. 87-114 & Resolution No. 07-2.3
  • BCC Created Advisory Boards & Committees
  • The Council will meet quarterly on the first Thursday of the month. A majority of all voting members shall constitute a quorum (one-half of the total members plus one member).

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Board Members

AppointedTerm Ends
Vincent FelicioneCity of Stuart06/19/201802/25/2023
Troy BowserCity of Stuart ALTERNATE07/13/202107/12/2023
Brett ClarkeEmergency Room Physicians Representative10/09/201802/25/2023
L. LevineLay-Person - Non-Emergency Transportation02/26/202102/25/2023
Chad CianiulliMartin County Fire Rescue Department02/26/202102/25/2023
Chris KammelMartin County Fire Rescue Department ALTERNATE02/26/202102/25/2023
Heather CraryMartin County Fire Rescue Department ALTERNATE02/26/201902/25/2023
Sally WaiteMartin County Fire Rescue Department ALTERNATE02/26/202102/25/2023
Donald Wood Do, FacepMartin County Medical Director10/05/202102/25/2023
John PerezMartin County Sheriff's Office10/09/201802/25/2023
John BrayRepresentative from the Education Community02/26/202102/25/2023
Kevin HerndonRepresentative from the Education Community ALTERNATE07/12/202207/11/2024
Yesenia WatsonSheriff's Office ALTERNATE07/13/202107/12/2023
Robert GarloTown of Jupiter Island07/29/201302/25/2023
Frank LasagaTown of Jupiter Island ALTERNATE07/13/202107/12/2023
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