• Environmental Control Hearing Board
  • Created Pursuant to Special Act, Chapter 78-560
  • BCC Created Decision-Making Boards and Authorities
  • The Board shall convene no less frequently than every 45 days. The Chair may call hearings and/or the Hearing Board at any hearing may fix and call hearings on a future date. The presence of three or more shall constitute a quorum of the Hearing Board.

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Board Members

AppointedTerm Ends
David PefleyCitizen not holding elective office12/03/2002
Debbie Fritz-QuincyCitizen not holding elective office07/27/1987
Teri Andre P.E.Engineer, recommended to the BCC by the local chapter of the Florida Engineering Society09/24/2002
Christine MorenoLawyer, recommended by the Martin County Bar Association06/29/1999
John Simons Jr.Medical Doctor, recommended by the County Medical Society10/26/1999
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