• Health Facilities Authority
  • Created Pursuant to Part III, Chapter 154, Florida Statutes & Resolution No. 82-2.13
  • BCC Created Decision-Making Boards and Authorities
  • Meetings are held as needed but always once each year.


    The address for all members of the Authority is c/o Martin County Health Facilities Authority, 2401 SE Monterey Road, Stuart, FL 34996.  Email jflanigan@haileshaw.com


    Fiscal Year:  October 1-September 30.


    Authority Address:  c/o John F. Flanigan, Esq., Haile, Shaw & Pfaffenberger, P.A., 660 US Highway One, Third Floor, North Palm Beach, FL 33408.  jflanigan@haileshaw.com  (561) 627-8100.


    Service Area:  Martin County, Florida.  Service is issuing tax exempt obligations to finance projects of not-for-profit health facilities.


    Taxes/Fees.  The Authority has no taxing authority. It assesses fees against applicants for its services.


    Primary Contact Information:  John F. Flanigan, Esq., Haile Shaw & Pfaffenberger, P.A., 660 US Highway One, Third  Floor, North Palm Beach, FL 33408.  (561) 627-8100.


    The Authority has not adopted a code of ethics but adheres to the provisions of Florida laws on ethics applicable to the Authority.

    Budget For 2015/2016
    Revenues:  Fees from Martin Memorial - $1,175.00
    Total Revenues - $1,175.00
    Expenses:  State filing fee - $175.00
    Publish Notices of meetings - $500.00
    Other Costs - $500.00
    Total Expenses - $1,175.00
    Audit:  The Authority is not required to have an audit because of the level of its revenues and expenses.

Contact Information

TypeNamePhone Number
Liaison:John FlaniganWork: (561) 627-8100

Board Members

AppointedTerm Ends
Anita CocovesMember02/24/200502/23/2021
Jennifer DoakMember02/14/201702/23/2022
Marshall WaddellMember02/24/201802/23/2022
Michael KennyMember09/26/201709/25/2021
Teena-Louise WhiteMember04/19/201104/22/2023
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