• Parks and Recreation Advisory Board
  • Recreated Pursuant to Resolution 15-12.16 Amended Pursuant to Resolution 19-4.8
  • BCC Created Advisory Boards & Committees
  • Meetings of the Parks and Recreation Advisory Board shall be held monthly on the third Thursday of each month unless otherwise decided by the Parks and Recreation Advisory Board. Special meetings may be called by the Parks and Recreation Director or designee.

    Members who miss more than 50% of regularly scheduled or three consecutive meetings in a given calendar year, regardless if such absence is excused or unexcused, will be automatically removed from the Parks and Recreation Advisory Board.

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Board Members

AppointedTerm Ends
Edward RaoAt-Large Member04/24/201804/23/2020
Jennifer AhernAt-Large Member04/09/201904/08/2021
John MathisonAt-Large Member09/24/201904/08/2021
Mike BocchinoAt-Large Member12/20/201602/08/2020
Mike AntheilCommission District 1 Representative08/14/201804/08/2021
Vacancy - Board/CommitteeCommission District 2 Representative 04/08/2021
Rob KloskaCommission District 3 Representative01/23/201804/08/2021
Patrick LepakCommission District 4 Representative02/09/201602/08/2020
Jacqueline BlakeCommission District 5 Representative02/09/201704/08/2021
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