• Historic Preservation Board
  • Created Pursuant to LDR s. 4.582 Amended Pursuant to Ordinance 1109
  • BCC Created Decision-Making Boards and Authorities
  • Regular meetings shall be held as necessary to fulfill their duties. No business shall be conducted without a quorum consisting of four members.

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Contact Information

TypeNamePhone Number
Project Manager & Staff Liaison:Jordan PastoriusWork: (772) 288-5497

Board Members

AppointedTerm Ends
Niki NortonArchitect with Professional or Educational Experience Related to Historic Preservation02/26/202002/25/2024
Rodney JohnsonAt-Large03/03/202002/25/2026
Douette PryceAt-Large Member02/26/201402/25/2026
Robert SteeleAt-Large Member06/20/202302/23/2025
Joette Lorion RiceDemonstrates knowledge specifically related to County history02/26/200602/25/2026
Evan AndersonGeneral Contractor02/24/201702/23/2025
Sherry LeeRealtor05/09/201702/25/2026
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