• Construction Industry Licensing Board
  • Created Pursuant to Code s. 43.1
  • BCC Created Decision-Making Boards and Authorities
  • The CILB shall meet at least once a month unless no issues are on the agenda for that particular month. The CILB may meet at such other times as it deems necessary.

Contact Information

TypeNamePhone Number
Staff Liaison:Sharyl McCrearyWork: (772) 288-5917

Board Members

AppointedTerm Ends
Charlene OakowskyConsumer Representative06/18/201903/23/2021
Corey WeinerConsumer Representative03/06/202003/05/2023
Douglas BaumgartenConsumer Representative12/04/201211/29/2021
Michael PettengillElectrical Contractor05/06/201411/29/2020
Jeff BowersGeneral, Building, or Residential Contractor03/19/201911/29/2022
Werner BolsGeneral, Building, or Residential Contractor11/19/198511/29/2020
Kevin SharkeyHARV Contractor04/09/199611/29/2022
William IsadorePlumbing Contractor12/04/201211/29/2021
John CreswellRegistered Architect or Registered Engineer12/04/201211/29/2021
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