• Local Planning Agency
  • Created Pursuant to LDR s. 9.3
  • BCC Created Advisory Boards & Committees
  • Meetings are held at least once a month.

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Contact Information

Phone Number
Growth Management Department Director & Staff Liaison:Paul SchillingWork: (772) 288-5473

Board Members

Niki NortonCommission District 111/22/202211/15/2024
Thomas CampenniCommission District 211/22/202211/15/2026
Bob ThorntonCommission District 311/07/202311/15/2024
James MoirCommission District 411/19/200211/25/2026
Ricou HartmanCommission District 502/06/202411/15/2024
Juan LamedaMartin County School District04/30/202412/31/2024
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Other Info

  • Review and recommend to the Board of County Commissioners for approval, approval with modifications, or denial certain development applications pursuant to Article 10, Development Review Procedures. Upon authorization by the Board of County Commissioners, to make its special knowledge and expertise available to any official, department, board, or agency. Review and recommend for approval, approval with modifications, or denial revisions to the Land Development Regulations pursuant to Article 10, Development Review Procedures. Adopt rules of procedure not inconsistent with the provisions of the Land Development Regulations. Act as the Fair Housing Board pursuant to the provisions of Chapter 6, Article X, Fair Housing, of the Code of Laws and Ordinances of Martin County. NOTE: This portion was adopted on 09/12/01 per Ordinance 597.

  • The LPA shall be composed of five members appointed by the Board of County Commissioners. One member shall be appointed from each county commission district. Prior to the appointment, the member shall have been a registered voter in the district for at least one year. On July 23, 2002, the BCC approved the appointment of the school district as a non-voting member who shall attend those meetings at which the LPA considers comprehensive plan amendments or rezonings that would, if approved, increase residential density on the property that is the subject of the application.

  • The term of office of each member shall coincide with the term of office of the County Commissioner representing the district from which the member was appointed. The term of the school district representative would be at the pleasure of the Martin County Superintendent of Schools.